Interviews by Jodi Ryder

Cherie Sibosado

Jodi talks to Cherie Sibosado about the Voice to Parliament and her attendence to the Uluru convention.

Ben Burton

Jodi talks to Ben Burton about the funding that has been granted to Emama Nguda to run new program for the youth to help with crime prevention and also the plan to use the Aboriginal Hostel as a Boarding school to encourage more school attendance from students in Derby and surrounding communities.

Maureen Bates-McKay

Jodi talks to Maureen about the Federal Govt opening submission for the report on Australian Defence force and trying to encourage more Indigenous service men and women to put in a submission for any issues they wish to address

Robin Chapple

Jodi talks to Robin about Murujuga rock art and the continuing threat due to mining in the area and the push for World Heritage listing.

Meghan Krakouer & Gerry Georgatos

Jodi discusses with Meghan and Gerry about the recent riot at Banksia Hill Detention centre and what needs to change address the issues

Commissioner Anne Hollonds

Jodi talks to Anne Hollonds about the Banksia Hill riots and reflected on issues that still to be addressed, she also talked about the call for submissions for Youth Justice and Child Wellbeing reform.

Stephen Hunter

Jodi talks to Stephen Hunter CEO of Warrwa Aboriginal Corporation in regards to Warrwa native title

Pat Dodson

Jodi chats to Senator Pat Dodson to find out what he thinks about the Voice To Parliament movement.

Warren Mundine

Jodi talks to Warren Mundine about his opinions on the Voice To Parliament movement.

Tony Hansen

A chat with Co-Chair of Bringing Them Home WA committee Tony Hansen, talking about the significance of National Sorry Day and what the “Stolen Generation” hope for in the future.

Damien Parriman

An Interview with KRED CEO Damien Parriman to talk about recent State Government funding, to establish a rehabilitation centre in the Kimberley to tackle youth crime and detention rates.

Dr Hannah McGlade

Interview with Human Rights Lawyer and UN Member for the Pacific DR Hannah McGlade talking about the theme of the International Day of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples and what that means.

Senator Lidia Thorpe

Conversation with Sen Lidia Thorpe talking about Voice to Paliament and Treaty and what steps she feels we need before we can move forward.

Lawford Benning

Talking to Lawford Benning about recent State Goverment funding to develop ‘Safe Spaces’ for youth as part of the funding to deal with Youth Crime and Detention in the Kimberley.

Minister Simone McGurk

Interview with State Minister for Prevention of Family & Domestic Violence Simone Mcgurk about funding to support Domestic Violence program and a Hub with a holistic approach for Domestic Violence Victims

Senator Patrick Dodson

Interview with Patrick Dodson talking about Voice to Parliament and the process that they are taking.

Telona Pitt

Interview with Telona Pitt talking about Voice to Parliament and the reasons why she feels that is not the right path for our First Nation People.

Thomas Mayor

Thomas Mayor talks about the process he went through since the Uluru Conference when the Statement was written and what he done to educate people on why a Voice to Parliament is the right choice for First Nations people.

Tyrone Garstone

Speaking with Kimberley land Council CEO Tyrone Garstone about the new Aboriginal Heritage Act bill and comments made by State Minister for Indigenous Affairs Tony Buti.