The Targeting Scams report released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reveals Australians lost $3.1 billion to scams in 2022, an 80 per cent increase compared to the year prior. 

Scams are becoming progressively more difficult to identify as technologies and tactics improve. 

Using these advanced tactics, losses experienced by each victim have risen by more than 50% last year, to an average of almost $20 000.   

The Wire’s Kailah Rushton spoke to ACCC’s Deputy chairperson Catriona Lowe, to find out more…

Image: Courtesy of Sora Shimazarki | Pexels

Produced By: Kailah Rushton

Featured In Story: ACCC’s Deputy chairperson, Catriona Lowe

First aired on The Wire, Monday 17 April 2023