Leon Gardiner – DFES

Interviewed by Jodi Ryder

Jodi talks to Leon about what DFES is doing for current and future returning residents of Fitzroy Crossing, along with getting supplies up to the Kimberly.

Matthew Peacock

Interviewed by Jodi Ryder

Jodi had a chat with Matthew Peacock – Director of Electrical, Plumbing & Gas to talk about safety measure and procedures for those suffering power outages during the floods.

Sarah Visser

Interviewed by Jodi Ryder

Jodi has a chat with Sarah Visser from Givit fundraising about what they’re doing to help support the Kimberley during the floods.

Isaiah Firebrace

Interviewed by Jodi Ryder

This is an Interview with Isaiah to talk about his collaboration with Lee Kernaghan and Mitch Tambo on their new song “Come Together” Mitch Tambo and also talk about his work over the past few years.

Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas

Interviewed by Jodi Ryder

In this interview Jodi talks to Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas about the current crisis in the Kimberley and the support that is being provided.

Derby Tigers

Shanaiah interviewing Mr Elbie and Ms Toby from the Derby Tigers